Clear Stamps - What They Are And How To Use Them

Clear Stamps - What They Are And How To Use Them

Clear stamps are identified by several different names. In addition to being interchangeably called acrylic or clear Planner Stickers acrylic stamps, you may also typically hear them referred to as polymer or photo-polymer stamps or even as clear rubber stamps. All of them fall below the heading of clear stamps.

A few of their primary features are:

1. They're nearly utterly transparent whenever you first purchase them.

2. They are slightly cheesy which allows them to be stuck to an acrylic block for use.

3. They're stored on a backing sheet or in some kind of a protecting container such as a CD jewel case.

4. They are sold individually or on a sheet containing several images.

5. In contrast to rubber stamps which can be sold each trimmed and untrimmed - they're always sold ready to use.

The first thing you must do whenever you first get your acrylic stamps is to situation them. This can be carried out by gently rubbing a white eraser all around the surface to remove any factory residue. This helps be certain that your stamp "takes" the ink, and that you stamped images are clear and crisp.

The subsequent thing you have to know is how you can accurately take away your clear stamp from the backing sheet or the storage container to keep away from stretching or tearing of your stamp. DO NOT seize the stamp by one finish and pull it off the backing sheet - this can lead to stretching and tearing. Instead, gently grasp it, lift slightly, then reposition your fingers in order that they are close to the backing sheet, lift a bit of more, reposition your fingers, lift somewhat more...till you will have eliminated the stamp.

After getting your stamp, it is advisable to attach it to an acrylic block previous to stamping. Acrylic blocks come in a wide range of different sizes, shapes and styles. Be sure to choose one thing that's as shut in measurement to your stamp as doable - you want it to be a bit bigger than the stamp.

The easiest way to connect the stamp to the protective block is to softly place or drop the stamp face down in your paper in front of you. You may then gently press your acrylic block to the stamp back. By doing it this fashion, you ensure that you preserve the shape of the stamp. Clear stamps are very versatile and it is simple to unintentionally distort the shape of the image while you place it on your block.

You then either gently tap your stamp onto your ink pad, or dab your ink pad onto your stamp depending on the dimensions of your stamp and ink pad, and your choice, and then stamp as normal.

As soon as you've got completed stamping, you clear your stamp. In order to peel it off the block, observe the same process as whenever you took it off the backing sheet, after which exchange it onto the backing sheet or into the storage container.